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Soda Sales Fall Flat and Water Sales Bubbling!

Soda Sales Falling While Bottled Water is Rising

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Slow Decline of Soda Sales

Perhaps years of health advocates rinsing and repeating that old tune of ‘sugar is bad, soda is worst’ is finally taking hold on the American Consumer. It almost feels like the 80’s again, with the big soda classics still duking it out; trying to find the next big spark.  Consumer tastes have changed and soda dynasties are slow to realize this.

Smaller Portions

Soda companies are trying a plethora of new things. For one, they are shrinking the portion sizes of their drinks. This is from a combination of factors. The American Beverage Association pledged to cut calories 20% by 2025.
Smaller cans and bottles does exactly that without having to change much of the recipe.


With smaller, and seemingly more authentic brands flourishing, the big soda companies are doing their best to emulate that as well. For example, Pepsi recently launched their new lines of vintage inspired soda including Caleb’s Kola and 1893.

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Health requirements of fewer calories are putting a strain on top brands. This is causing these companies to reformulate or replace with different versions of the drinks. Examples include Diet Pepsi removing the artificial sweetener aspartame or Coke Launching Coke Life, less calories and sweetened with Stevia.

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Bottled Water Sales Rising

Consumers are now looking for healthier options combined with a unique hipster feel. Smaller, less prominent, brands are starting to make a dent in the industry. This year marks, for the first time ever, that bottled water sales will be higher than soda sales.

Higher Bottled Water Consumption

Increased attention to safety speculations of tap water has recently boosted bottled water sales. Consumers are more aware that contaminates in tap water might be affecting their health. They are now opting for a sure bet and drinking only bottled water.

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Healthier Options

A majority of bottled water consumption stems from healthy diets. A notable trend is drinking water with little to no calorie beverages rather than eating food.  “Packaged Facts data reveal 3 out of 4 consumers are reducing their calorie intake by this method—including older consumers, who are more likely than younger consumers to choose this method of cutting calories, as are college graduates, consumers with higher incomes, and women.”

Water Alternatives

In addition to regular, plain ole’ bottled water, consumers are drinking water alternatives such as flavor infused water or flavored sparkling water. Hint is an example of an emerging brand that found fame on flavoring water and doing nothing more (0 calories, 0 sugar, non-GMO Certified). LaCroix is the most popular alternative to soda. This flavored sparkling water also features 0 calories, 0 sugar, and is non-GMO certified.

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