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New from Nespresso


New From Nespresso

In a time of uncertainty, Nespresso has made it even more difficult. With the addition of two new flavors for the office, Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla, your morning flavor choice just got that much more challenging. These delicious new extensions are sure to stir up your morning routine!

Through research, Nespresso saw that coffee drinkers desired flavored coffee in addition to the coffees they already order. Also, they noticed that flavored coffees appeal to a large majority of coffee drinkers when they enjoy coffee away from home. With Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla, you can now offer your team and your guests our two most popular at-home flavors.

espresso-caramelESPRESSO CARAMEL 

The intensely roasted and fruity notes of our classic Espresso Forte are combined with all-natural caramel flavor to create the sweet, yet bold Espresso Caramel. This new addition to our Grand Cru range is made from a complex blend of the finest Arabicas from Central and South America, showcasing notes reminiscent of brown sugar that your employees and guests will love.


ESPRESSO VANILLAnespresso-vanilla

Also created with Espresso Forte as a base, Espresso Vanilla reveals the perfect harmony of its intense roast and the classic, all-natural full flavor of vanilla. Impress your team with the complex blend, rich flavor and exceptional silkiness of this delightful, new flavored Grand Cru.

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