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5 Quick and Healthy Tips for a Better Work Day

5 Quick and Healthy Tips for a Better Work Day

You work too hard and too long to not treat your body right! Sitting all day, staring at your computer screen, and eating junk food will not make you feel any better about slugging into work day after day.

Here are some quick and easy tips you can implement to help reduce your work stress and have a healthy work day!

1. Drink Water

Drinking more water is probably one of the easiest and most beneficial things to do for yourself at work. Staying hydrated can increase energy and even keep your body from tiring out so quickly.

Daily water drinking can help you think better, improve your skin, help detox your body, and even assist in getting rid of headaches.


Not a fan of water? Try other healthy options like Hint water or LaCroix sparkling water. Stay on the right track by grabbing a water bottle and draw marking lines that tell you how much water you need to drink by that certain time of day. This will remind you periodically to stay hydrated.

2. Eat Smarter

Instead of caving-in and indulging yourself with that greasy and unhealthy pizza lunch, try snacking throughout the day. Opting for snacking throughout the day accompanied with a smaller meal at lunch versus the huge and mid-day day meal can carry many benefits.

For example, going several hours without food can cause blood sugar to drop resulting in a hunger craving which then distracts you from your work.


Keep healthy snacks such as Stretch Island Fruit Leather, string cheese, or nuts on your desk or near by can help you nix that hunger while still maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. Snacking throughout the day will assist in keeping your blood sugar levels at a constant level which then equals steady energy throughout the day.

3. Take a Walking Break

Sitting is the new smoking. Whether you believe that statement or not, getting up and stretching those legs out can help keep your body and mind fresh. A quick 30 second walk for a water re-fill or even a 15 minute stroll outside during lunch will help keep your body active and refreshed.

Try taking your next phone call while walking outside instead of in your cramped cubicle!


Heading outside will give you a boost Vitamin D, which can help alleviate fatigue and improve your mood. When you come back from a brief walking break, you will be refocused and ready to take on those tough challenges!

4. Drink Less Caffeine

There are numerous benefits to cutting down the caffeine. Lower blood pressure, better sleep , decreased anxiety, headaches frequency reduction, whiter teeth, and even weight loss are all benefits of cutting down on caffeine.


Instead of reaching for that third or even fourth cup of coffee, opt for a flavored water or try to curve your soda addiction with a sparkling water.

5. Exercise Your Eyes

Staring at a computer screen all day can put enormous strain on your eyes and can affect your eye sight in long run. There is a chance of causing a headache, losing focus, and increased sensitivity to light. In order to help reduce the strain, go outside or look out a window periodically in order to get some natural light.


Make sure that your computer screen is at least arms length away and that the text is large enough to read without squinting. Even taking a brief nap (boss willing) if possible to give your eyes a much needed rest.

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