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L.A. Magazine’s Choice For The Best Cold Brew

Although it may be up for debate, LA Magazine gave their opinion for the best cold brew on the west coast.

They tried as many different kinds of cold brews that they could get their hands on. Based on their own tastebuds, LA mag ranked each cold brew from least flavorful to the most.


Alta Foodcraft is extremely excited to share that two of our favorite cold brews made the list and scored high!

Out of the nine total that ranked on the list, Stumptown Cold Brew came in at a respectable number six!

Notice the iconic bottle and smooth taste, there is no wonder that stumptown stacks up high. With its low level acidity and emphasis on high caffeine, Stumptown will do more than just get you through the day. Give their website a look and judge it for yourself.


Additionally and not surprisingly at all, LA Mag’s number one spot was handed no contest to Seaworth Coffee Co. They had this to say about the unique flavor of this cold brew:

“Seaworth came out of nowhere and hit a 450-foot bomb to deep left center. I’d never even heard of it before I found it in the deepest corner of my local Whole Foods’ cold brew fridge, but I’m so glad I did. It was serendipity (the general concept of, not the excellent John Cusack movie).

It has these prominent-but-delicate cocoa notes and the sweetness is offset by fruit-forward bitterness. I barely know what those words mean, but trust me that this is some insanely good cold brew.”


If you would like to sample these cold brews, Alta Foodcraft offers these great brands in either their stubby bottles or in a keg. Try these original brews or the Nitro version for a perky twist!

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